DFSS – Process Design

DFSS training is an efficient way how to focus on designing new processes, services or products with the objective of growing and getting competetive advantage.

DFSS training is focused on designing new processes, which are more effective, quicker and based on customer requirements.

In a strongly competitive environment, firms are forced to present their customers with new products and services and, subsequently or at the same time, to design new process as well. The DFSS (Design For Six Sigma) strategy is employed precisely in this area.

During the course the participants will learn to design new processes using the DFSS methodology, set the scope of a newly created process, identify end customers and efficient methods of finding out their needs. Great attention is paid to detailed analysis of collected customer requirements for a new process and their subsequent implementation.

The DFSS methodology is a combination of creative tools and structured analytical approach. Emphasis is placed on methods of managing a project team, joint design of possible process versions and final processing including the communication of a final process. Both the methodology and individual tools are demonstrated on real examples. Participants will practice design by means of a simulation game.

You will learn to

  • Design new processes (using project methodology DMADV).
  • Guarantee maximal quality of products and services already at their creation.
  • Support development of products and services by effective processes.
  • Effectively gather and analyse customer requirements for new process
  • Find different concepts of a new process and select the best one.
  • Correctly determine risk analysis and estimate financial benefits.
  • Over 10 new tools: QFD, KJ analysis, DFMEA, SCAMPER, HIT Matrix,…

Fee: 8 000 CZK + VAT / participant

Fee incl. VAT (21 %): 9 680 CZK

After the training you will receive a certificate of completion.

The fee includes tuition for 2 days, training materials, refreshment and lastly the guarantee of quality – we return to you 25% of the fee in case you are not satisfied with the training.

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The DFSS trainingng provided by ICG was jiggly interactive and targeted to our concrete applications. The trainer has demonstrated a great expertise both in the field and in the securing that the training was at the same time effective and entertaining. I would definitely recommend it to any organization interested in it.
Thomas FouchardLego Production s.r.o., Seior Quality Manager Specialist
I found the DFSS training very useful and enlightening. Even though it required a lot of concentration throughout the day, the simulation game which showed us how to use what we had learned in practice, managed to lighten the whole training up by applying Komensky’s motto: “School by Play“. I learned a lot of new methods and processes. But most importantly, that when realizing a new project, it is crucial to constantly have the customer’s requirements in mind and that trying to fulfill the sponsor’s requests to the dot doesn’t really lead to a happy customer.
Renata HorákováMinisterstvo vnitra
Thank you very much for sent materials as well as for valuable training, which I had the opportunity to attend, thanks to your company and your two instructors. Both traininer at DFSS training were real professionals and thanks to their thorough preparation they didn't neglect any part of the training. I already look forward to the first suitable project, with which I will be able to sign in for the certification of LSS for leading.  I will be very happy if I can once again attend another of your trainings offered. Keep it up.
Tomáš TittlO2, Product manager
DFSS training provided by ICG-Capability familiarizes participants with phases and tools for designing new processes/products by solving practical tasks in teams. The training results in a new process which is designed by participants based on customers´ requests. In parallel it also reflects a company´s internal criteria defined for this process. Interactive form of the training fuels up participants ‘creativity, allows easy acquisition of the DFSS tools during practical exercises under the guidance of professional trainers, coaches respectively and it naturally captures the attention of all participants. Each participant leaves the training "armed" with a set of tools that the participant is able to use in practice immediately with confidence, which is a significant asset of the training.
Kateřina KomínkováVZP ČR, Process specialist
Both lecturers are highly skilled, experienced, very professional trainers and experts of Lean Six Sigma methodology. Trainings delivered by them were evaluated with positive feedback and overall satisfaction. Their own experiences increase value of the training. They both have my best recommendations.
Lucia PetrušováKomerční banka, Lean Six Sigma Competency Centre


9.1 91 %

37 reviews

Available terms

  • Prague, Days: 2
    • 25. – 26. 03. 2020

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There will be no cancellation fee for registrants cancelling fifteen (15) or more business days prior to the scheduled training start date.

Course cancellations made 15 business days or less of the scheduled training date or failure to attend an enrolled in course will be charged 100% of the course enrollment fee.

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