Six Sigma

We offer certified Lean Six Sigma trainings which present trainees with methods of process optimalization, process design and quality of products and services increase for both production and service industry.

Green Belt – ONLINE

Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Online training provides participants with knowledge of the Lean and Six Sigma methodology for process improvement.

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Green Belt

Green Belt training (6 days) provides participants with enhanced problem-solving approach with an objective of delivering cost reduction and sustainable quality to customers.

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Black Belt – ONLINE

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training in an intensive online version consisting of 13 half-day modules. Become a Black Belt and obtain an internationally recognized certification in the field of process improvement and optimization.

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Black Belt

Black Belt Training is the most complex learning program in the area of process and project management with internationally recognized certification.

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Yellow Belt – ONLINE

Training in online format (1 day) introduces tools and techniques for solving (not only) process problems, with aim to work easier, with better quality and always to customer's satisfaction.

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Yellow Belt

Training (1 day) introduces tools and techniques for solving (not only) process problems, with aim to work easier, with better quality and always to customer's satisfaction.

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Data Analysis – Minitab

Training (2 days) will teach attendees how to work with data and perform data anaylsis by software Minitab. Training is based on a real case data, which are gradually analyzed graphically and statistically.

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DFSS – Process Design

DFSS training is an efficient way how to focus on designing new processes, services or products with the objective of growing and getting competetive advantage.

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Measurement System Analysis (MSA)

Training is focused on MSA methodology, presents it understandably and teaches participants to perform MSA studies in Minitab software. Participants should be familiar with Minitab and basic statistics prior to the training.

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DOE (Design of Experiments)

The one-day DOE training will present you methodology from project specification, through design of experiment and implementation in Minitab to final interpretation.

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My experience with ICG Black Belt training has been positive and I can recommend training. The content of the training allowed to gain practical experience with the discussed tools and methods in the form of exercises. The presentation was complemented by an appropriate proportion of practical examples, and I greatly appreciate the space for discussion and exchange of experience with other trainees. The exchange of experience was made possible by creating an open atmosphere throughout the training. I consider the course to be practically focused and highly applicable in daily practice.
Martin BoškoSlovnaft a.s., Project manager of process improvement LSS
The lecturer's approach and form of explanation helped to keep the attention and context. We practiced everything in teams. I have completed 3 trainings: DFSS, Yellow Belt and BPM. The topics were connected and the use of the methodologies fit together. Lecturers are real experts and they give many practical examples. They are not just "theorists", and that is apparent in all areas. I consider these trainings very valuable for my position.
Kateřina JiravováMAFRA, a.s., Process Analyst
Clearly the best training I have ever attended. Amazing trainers, who explained the whole issue with a very human approach and many examples. This training showed me how beautifully the individual instruments relate to each other and how it is possible to logically connect and interpret the results. During the Black Belt training we moved in a logical way from basic tools and techniques to more demanding ones. I definitely recommend the training.
Katarína ČekanováGEFCO SLOVAKIA s.r.o. , GMS IP Coordinator
The Green Belt training - both in terms of content and attitude of the lecturer - exceeded my expectations. Active participation in the form of a simulation game is a great way to turn the theory into concrete ideas for changes in their company in the participants‘ heads. I highly recommend this training for all who take Lean and 6Sigma seriously and want to implement them in their organization.
Lenka ČtvrtečkováRIMOWA CZ spol. s r.o., Quality Manager
The trainer’s approach was very thorough, also the training materials were closely tied to the lecture. Practical part was entertaining and instructive and enabled us to test the learnt knowledge in practice. I can highly recommend this training to everyone, as an entrance to the topic of Lean Six Sigma.
Tomáš KuželMann+Hummel, Transition Manager

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