Business Process Management

Two-day process management training (Business Process Management) will teach the participants the principles of implementation of process management so as to be effective and sustainable in order to increase the efficiency of business processes and increase the quality towards the customer.

Process management is not only methodology. We present a unique programme that emphasizes practicality before methodology.

The training provides a comprehensive view of the program for implementing process management in organizations at any level. The participant will go through three phases and eleven steps of the program for implementing process management with a focus on practical exercise of key tools in each of these phases. Case studies and practical exercises ensure understanding the individual tools and their subsequent use.

The training will help you find answers to these frequently asked questions

  • Why should I consider process management?
  • I know of unsuccessful attempts to introduce process management in my surroundings. So how to do it right?
  • Should I worry about too much bureaucracy?

Typical situations, in which the training can be used

  • You have set strategic goals, but you need to link them with the objectives of individual processes and employees at all levels of the organization.
  • You need to increase efficiency of business processes but you do not know where to start.
  • You have set many process measurements, but you still do not fulfil goals.
  • You want to improve processes, but you do not know which the most suitable ones are.
  • Processes are managed functionally (across departments) and there are “black holes” without clearly defined responsibilities.
  • The employees do not perceive the link between personal goals and goals of the organization.
  • Your company already uses some process management tools, but you need to create an efficient process management system.

You will learn to

    • Apply the principles of implementation of process management – strategy and tactics
    • Create process model incl. its levels and parameters
    • Define process requirements and use basic and advanced tools such as Balanced Scorecard, Quality Function Deployment
    • Specify Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for various levels of the organization
    • Set process inspections, evaluate their efficiency and effectiveness
    • Measure the quality and performance of the process – productivity, yield, suitability, statistical indicators

Fee: 8 000 CZK + VAT / participant

Fee incl. VAT (21 %): 9 680 CZK

After the training you will receive a certificate of completion.

The fee includes tuition for 2 days of training, training materials, refreshments throughout the course and lastly the guarantee of quality – we return to you 25% of the fee in case you are not satisfied with the training.

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I recommend ICG training. I have already gone through the change management courses, TRIZ and Lean Six Sigma, and now BPM training, which was once again full of practical examples. The training is fun, easy to understand, and the questions are always answered satisfactorily. Overall, I'm very happy and I like to come back.
Hana HousarováPPL CZ, Project manager
Whether you plan to implement BPM or have already taken the first steps and are working on process management, this training will help you stop, think and understand. It's as if someone has put a map in your hand. Together with examples from practice, exercises and high quality and lecturer's flexibility, we have been given the energy to work on creating process management in our company.
Matej GrajcárČeskoslovenská obchodná banka, a. s., Analytik procesů
Training provided me with a comprehensive overview of the matters of process management. The content was structured according to the individual process steps. There were high-quality materials available for better understanding.  During the training we conducted practical examples. I evaluate the lecturer at very high level. I can really recommend ICG-Capability company to all those interested in complex issue of process management.
Tomáš DoležalHAUSER
ICG-Capability company has prepared for us 2-day training on the topic of BPM - Business Process Management.  I very much appreciate their individual and flexible approach to the preparation of the training which was „tailor-made“, based on our needs and wishes. The training took place in a pleasant atmosphere and with mostly bi-directional communication and dialogue between participants and instructors. The instructors provided a highly professional performance, a big bonus was a lot of their practical experience shared when solving practical exercises.  I can only recommend ICG-Capability Ltd.
Petra ŽaludováVodafone, Senior Manager Customer Service


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Available terms

  • Prague, Days: 2
    • 09. – 10. 03. 2020
  • Prague, Days: 2
    • 03. – 04. 06. 2020

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