Project Management

We will teach you how to lead projects by using not only tools of project manager, but also by using correct communication, approach and mainly thinking. In process management we teach how to effectively map processes, set metrics and work actively with them.

Project Management – Tools and techniques

The training deals with all the essential phases of every project and teaches participants the key techniques, necessary for proper project management. Discover proven tools od project management and try them on practical examples.

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Business Process Management

Two-day process management training (Business Process Management) will teach the participants the principles of implementation of process management so as to be effective and sustainable in order to increase the efficiency of business processes and increase the quality towards the customer.

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Project Financial Management

Finance is an essential element of any business, and without any knowledge of finance it is very difficult to make any strategic decisions. This two-day training will teach you to create your own project plan, determine the cash flow and quantify the value of the project.

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Vybrané reference

GE Aviation Czech | Bühler Motor | Česká pošta | ADP | Shape Corp | Philip Morris International | Foxconn Technology | HAUSER | Credium | Avire | KARAT Solution | Bosch Diesel | KV Final | Česká spořitelna | Foxconn CZ | AVG Technologies | Continental Automotive | Panasonic | KE Ostrov – Elektrik | EPCE | Avire | Jihočeský kraj | EP Energy Trading | Univerzita Tomáše Bati ve Zlíně | Národní divadlo | Hella Innenleuchten-Systeme Bratislava | Alza | Autodesk | Fortuna Game | Siemens Electric Machines | KBC Group NV Czech Branch | UniCredit Bank | J&T Banka | NET4GAS |  Raiffeisenbank | Bühler Motor | DC Concept | ViskoTeepak | CENTROPOL ENERGY


Lots of useful information on project management. The exercises where we were talking about and applying the knowledge on a specific example suited me very well… it was perfectly prepared!
Petra KropáčováModel Obaly, a. s.
I really appreciate the methodology which is complex and I imagine it works well in practice. I already know what I will use on my next project. I’ve realized what I haven’t been doing on the projects, because I didn’t think it was important – evaluation. Now I will do it and I will enjoy it together with my team.
Luboš WinklerModel Obaly, a.s.
Training provided me with a comprehensive overview of the matters of process management. The content was structured according to the individual process steps. There were high-quality materials available for better understanding.  During the training we conducted practical examples. I evaluate the lecturer at very high level. I can really recommend ICG-Capability company to all those interested in complex issue of process management.
Tomáš DoležalHAUSER
When planning BPM training, we appreciated the preparation and proactive approach of a trainer and his visit in our company. We could get together to set goals and expectations of the training. The lecturer also got to know better our products, services and type of production. The training program was appropriately divided into theoretical and practical part. Practical tasks were very beneficial as we could put BPM tools into practice. In addition to the studied topics, the instructor mentioned examples and practical advice when introducing BPM. I recommend BPM-Business Process Management training and in my opinion it is one of the essential ways to improve the company in order to profit in the future.
Jan MarekHAUSER, Quality manager
As part of continuing education, I have attended a two-day training „Business Process Management“ at ICG company. Lector is a proficient speaker, I was able to keep the attention the whole time and absorb the information presented to us with enthusiasm, information were given to us in entertaining and comprehensive way. My expectations have been met. I clarified my doubts, gained a lot of practical tips and i am looking forward to apply them in practice. I would recommend this training to anyone who deals with these matters.
Jiří FuidlHAUSER, Sales manager