Lean Flow Expert (SMED, TPM, PPS)

Training of intensive workplace streamlining using SMED, TPM, PPS techniques. Focus on eliminating stream continuity barriers by reducing equipment time losses. Complete theory, practice in a factory, transferral of the lecturers’ personal experience. Come and acquire new skills. The course is part of the LEAN EXPERT certified programme.

An innovated form of training with high added value in both the online and factory variant.

Wherever there is a product for a customer, there is a value stream. Stream continuity is restricted by barriers created by the environment, technology, labour organisation and our own work. We’ll teach you techniques securing massive reductions in, or even complete deactivation of, these barriers.

We will focus in detail on fast production change techniques. We’ll teach you to implement classic SMED techniques, plus the new 3X and 1X progressive workshop tools. We’ll combine theory interpretation and practical training in prepared videos from actual situations. The interpretation is complemented by practical findings from workshops in the automotive, electrical engineering, construction, medicine, mechanical engineering and other industries. In the second block, we’ll be focusing on Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) from two perspectives. We’ll teach you how to implement TPM in your organisation the right way, and we’ll be looking at the effectiveness of maintenance processes through the eyes of Lean methodology. We’ll focus on key machine losses. We’ll deepen your knowledge of autonomous, preventive and predictive maintenance. We’ll teach you to analyse your maintenance activities and measure their productivity. And consequently how to streamline your maintenance activities and make them more productive. In the third block, we’ll give you information on fast problem solving (PPS), visualisation and standardisation. We’ll teach you to apply 5S to ensure an effective labour standardisation tool.

Practical courses in a factory

The active connection of the lectured theory and the immediate practical training in the operation of the host factory will allow you to learn the real implementation of the trained technique. We carefully select the host factories to provide a suitable environment for the lecture and at the same time be a motivation for your personal development.

The training takes place in the host factory in the full range of 3 days.

In the factory we carry out 3 practical workshops focused on quick changeover, preventive / autonomous maintenance and final visualization and standardization of the process.

ONLINE variant

With the use of specialized software tools, we will not only lecture you, but together we will work as one team, you will work in small groups, or you will do simple homework. You will go through 12 hours of theory, practical exercises and creating solutions to prepared model situations. You will work intensively, but from the comfort of your office or home.

Coaching of your project is included in the online variant. We cannot take you to a factory, where we practically try out the technique. Therefore, we will turn the situation around and you will take a personal consultant to your factory.

We will prepare your workshops together. You do the analysis, you shoot the videos of the process. With the help of online techniques, we will control your progress, help with guidance and professional advice. We will help your team put together the final solution and standardization.

Scope of the training

Practical courses in a factory

1. – 2. day 9:00-17:00
3. day 8:30-15:30
 The location is always announced for a specific course and date

Online variant

1. day online training 8:00-11:00 and 12:00-15:00
2. day online training 8:00-11:00 and 12:00-15:00
+ subsequent coaching of your project


 Why choose our Lean Flow Expert?

  • Methodological clarity and high expertise of teaching and subsequent simple applicability in your practice
  • We’ll give you practical advice for various types of industrial environment
  • Possibility of consulting with experts from other companies
  • Methodology and training continuity – LEAN EXPERT and GREEN/BLACK BELT series
  • Quality guarantee for training
  • The course is part of the European certification program LEAN EXPERT by ICG

You will learn to

  • SMED technique for shortening changeovers
  • New 3Z, 3X analytical techniques and their application in deactivating production stream continuity barriers
  • New progressive 1X workshop technique
  • Analyse and streamline maintenance activities
  • Implement TPM basics
  • Fast problem solution techniques
  • Correct 5S technique implementation, you’ll understand problem areas of the method
  • Visualise and standardise your lean workplace

What you’ll need

  • Internet connection for on-line learning
  • Ability to install / use the Zoom on-line app
  • If you have any IT programme restrictions, train from home using your own computer
  • Work boots and reflective vest for practical part in factory

Fee: 10 000 CZK + VAT / participant

Fee incl. VAT (21 %): 12 100 CZK

Price for 2 or more participants from the same company 9 000 CZK + VAT / participant
With the whole Lean Expert series
(ordering the Lean Expert series = 3 courses (LVSE, LFE, LPE). The price is for 1 module)
8 000 CZK + VAT / participant


The fee includes: 3 days of training (course in a factory) / 2 days of training + 1 day of individual coaching (online variant),training materials and lastly the guarantee of quality – we return to you 25% of the fee in case you are not satisfied with the training.


Participants of the entire course receive certificate of completion of the Lean Flow Expert.

After completing all three courses of the training programme and successful completion of the final tests, it is possible to obtain the Lean Expert certificate issued by the ICG international consortium.

The certification process is already included in the course price! Our company ICG offers an opportunity to discuss the course free of charge in order to successfully achieve certification.

Contact us if you are interested in closed company training.


Online training is a modern form of education that fully suits today‘s needs and pushes the possibilities of education further. I would completely recommend the Lean Flow Expert training in online form. The lecturer was great, he answered all our questions, the explanation was understandable and supplemented by practical examples.
Dušan NetoličkaSAS Automotive s.r.o., Head of maintenance department
The training was valuable. I can easily use knowledge gained on the training. The workshop, which was right in the manufacturing environment and practical excercises only added to the value of the course. You cannot deny the experience of the lecturer, his friendliness and willingness to explain problem were exemplary.
Svatopluk BendaJohnson Controls Automotive Bor, Manufacturing engineer
Again, nicely done training, during which, after brief theory, we could try to use recommended tools for mapping process and solving problems by PPS (Practical Problem Solving).
Miroslav KlečkaGrammer CZ, Warehouse Manager
Thanks to the Lean Flow Expert Course I can use the knowledge of how to put TPM into practice in our company. The training was very informative and interesting. The interpretation of the trainer was engaging and he managed to keep the attention of all present participants throughout the training. I also appreciate the choice of venue for the training. Thank you
Ladislav VlčekContinental Automotive, Lean Excelence


9.6 96 %

40 reviews

Available terms

  • Online, Days: 2
    • 08. a 15. 10. 2021
    • each day 8:00-11:00 and 12:00-15:00
    • + 1 day of coaching included in the price

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Lean Expert

Training program certified by ICG group. Lean for professionals in the industry.

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    Lean Expert

    Training program certified by ICG group. Lean for professionals in the industry.

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