LEAN trainings cover whole spectrum of needs of production companies. We start with an introduction of tools in Lean Practicioner training and provide certified programmes Lean Expert, which take place in real production environment.

Lean Value Stream Expert (VSM)

Value-stream mapping technique training. LEAN MANUFACTURING techniques’ leading analytical discipline in a new generation of training. Comprehensive VSM, VSD theory, factory practice, transferral of the lecturers’ personal experience. Come and acquire new skills. The course is part of the LEAN EXPERT certified programme.

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Lean Flow Expert (SMED, TPM, PPS)

Training of intensive workplace streamlining using SMED, TPM, PPS techniques. Focus on eliminating stream continuity barriers by reducing equipment time losses. Complete theory, practice in a factory, transferral of the lecturers’ personal experience. Come and acquire new skills. The course is part of the LEAN EXPERT certified programme.

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Lean Pull Expert (Kanban, Milk Run, JIS)

Lean manufacturing in internal logistics processes. Focused on material movements: ramp-storage-floor-workplace. JIT, JIS, KANBAN, MILK RUN techniques, Storage and Workplace ergonomics. Come and acquire new skills. The course is part of the LEAN EXPERT certified programme.

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Lean Practitioner

This is an introductory training of Lean methodology for industrial companies performed using Kaizen Event technique. The participants identify opportunities for improvement based on practical observations. They physically suggest a change, realize it and test its functionality and a long-term sustainability.

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A3/PDCA – Problem Solving Expert

At our training, attendees will be given theoretical and practical fundamentals for application of this system. We will show them the way to follow so they would be able to solve their problems in a logical, objective, structured and professional manner.

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I think that the Lean Pull Expert training was very beneficial and it was well divided into a theoretical and practical part. I much appreciate the fact that the participants were from different production environments, so we had the opportunity to share very useful comments and opinions in discussions. The possibility to visit the plant of the organizing company was also great. The great proactive approach of the lecturer set the level of the training even higher.
Tomáš LétalABB
The basics of Six Sigma, Lean and the border between them were explained in a balanced combination of theory and practice, in an understandable and entertaining fashion. Recommended.
Jan TritthartSKF Lubrication Systems, Manager Industrial Engineering
Again, nicely done training, during which, after brief theory, we could try to use recommended tools for mapping process and solving problems by PPS (Practical Problem Solving).
Miroslav KlečkaGrammer CZ, Warehouse Manager
The three-days training was very beneficial. I consider the linking of theoretical part with practical workshops as the biggest positive, as well as pleasant working atmosphere and professinal approach of the lecturer. I also appreciate well prepared study materials; thanks to those I can return to the theory anytime. I can recommend the training even to the beginners such as myself, as it is a training full of information. If I have an opportunity to attend some other ICG lecture in the future, I will gladly take it.
Kateřina ŠtranglerováTE Connectivity
A3/PDCA training appropriately represents PDCA (PDSA) principles blending with the PPS method and basic A3 report perception. It is especially suitable for middle and strategic management. Training helps with understanding of mutual communication.
Karel ChadimČEZ a.s., Manager of Management System Development

Lean Expert

Training program certified by ICG group. Lean for professionals in the industry.

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