LEAN trainings cover whole spectrum of needs of production companies. We start with an introduction of tools in Lean Practicioner training and provide certified programmes Lean Expert, which take place in real production environment.

Lean Value Stream Expert – ONLINE

An online training on how to map flow of value within process. Royal analytical discipline of LEAN MANUFACTURING techniques in a new version from the safety of your factory.
Course is part of LEAN EXPERT certification program.

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Lean Value Stream Expert (VSM)

Lean Value Stream Expert Course (3 days) in real production teaches trainees to map and analyze processes by VSM which helps to identify waste and find out opportunities for improvement by Kaizen.

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Lean Flow Expert (SMED, TPM, PPS)

Lean Flow Expert Course (3 days) in real production is focused on removing obstacles to continuous flow by SMED and TPM to reduce machine downtimes and TQM for high quality.

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Lean Pull Expert (Kanban, Milk Run, JIS)

Lean Pull Expert Course (3 days) presents participants with methods and principles of workplace and storage layout, material supply as well as Kanban to insure successful pull system implementation.

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Lean Practitioner

This is an introductory training of Lean methodology for industrial companies performed using Kaizen Event technique. The participants identify opportunities for improvement based on practical observations. They physically suggest a change, realize it and test its functionality and a long-term sustainability.

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A3/PDCA – Problem Solving Expert

At our training, attendees will be given theoretical and practical fundamentals for application of this system. We will show them the way to follow so they would be able to solve their problems in a logical, objective, structured and professional manner.

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Vybrané reference

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I really enjoyed the training, which has fulfilled me with new ideas and points of view. I really appreciated all physical activities, when we did not just went through theory. I also appreciated, summaries of what we accomplished. I can honestly say that it was one of the best trainings I have ever participated in.
Zdeněk SokolKornet s.r.o., CEO
The training was very valuable. Every information was understandable and shared in an entertaining and complex way. All laws were shown on practical examples. Time used for the training was not wasted at all. I am very satisfied.
Jan ŠoltýsRUBENA a. s., Development technologist
The training was full of basic and theoretical knowledge, but they were enriched by many real-life examples and therefore provided more points of view that you can't simply find on the internet. I'd like to point out that the lecturer knows what he's talking about and he is giving many effective advices for practice. Great!
Lukáš BlehaSellier&Bellot a.s., Process engineer
The training surpassed my expectations, both by theoretical part with complete professionalism and perfect preparation of the instructor and by practical part directly in a manufacturing plant. It was a very positive experience and I highly recommend it.
Kamil KřenekMaxion Wheels, OpEx & Kaizen Specialist
The training was valuable. I can easily use knowledge gained on the training. The workshop, which was right in the manufacturing environment and practical excercises only added to the value of the course. You cannot deny the experience of the lecturer, his friendliness and willingness to explain problem were exemplary.
Svatopluk BendaJohnson Controls Automotive Bor, Manufacturing engineer

Lean Expert

Training program certified by ICG group. Lean for professionals in the industry.

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