The training for strategic innovative teams, but also for engineers and technicians, who are looking for creative problem solving. You will find inspiration for radical innovations in solutions, which were used in global patents. Discover tools, which are being used by global leaders!

Discover a new way to search for innovative and creative solutions to your problems - TRIZ.

TRIZ – the 3 day training will teach you how to use a set of tools for analyzing potential product (or service) and follow-on innovation. The great advantage of TRIZ method is an approach that instead of seeking smaller, more conservative radical change offers an innovative change.

TRIZ – creation and innovative solutions to inventive tasks – it is designed for innovation teams as well as technicians and engineers who are looking for creative problem solving. TRIZ joins sophisticated structured approach to the problem with creative techniques in order to find concepts to improve a product or service.

TRIZ is a methodology used by companies such as NASA, Siemens, General Motors, Procter and Gamble, Schneider Electric and many others. The method can be applied in every industry and in every branch of service.

The course leads participants through the interpretation and use of numerous examples of methods for solving real business problems in a way that is predictable, reliable, systematic, while promoting creativity and most importantly – repeatability.

You will learn to

  • Understand the principles of TRIZ as a “problem-solving” technique
  • Connection of „Systems and needs“
  • Contradictions – principals and explanations
  • Physical and technical contradictions and how to solve them
  • Thinking in „Time and scale“
  • Solving problems using TRIZ
  • Create a functional environment to identify contradictions and to solve them

You will practice TRIZ tools such as

  • 40 inventive principals of TRIZ for working with contradictions
  • Trends of technical evolution
  • Functional analysis
  • Creative tools of TRIZ
  • Thinking in time and scale – 9 boxes
  • Using of resources

Fee: 12 000 CZK + VAT / participant

Fee incl. VAT (21 %): 14 520 CZK

After the training you will receive a certificate of completion.

The fee includes the tuition for 3 days, training materials, refreshments throughout the course, and lastly the guarantee of quality – we return to you 25% of the fee in case you are not satisfied with the training.

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Very nice training. TRIZ is an excellent method, which gave me complex insight into technical innovation problem solving.
Vladimír TolmanTRW Autoelektronika, s.r.o., Senior AME Manager
The TIRZ training was excellent (like all your trainings). It was a challenging topic, but the lecturer managed to give it great. I was surprised how much I remember from the training.
Ivana MiklovičGtoG, s.r.o.
The TRIZ training took place in a pleasant environment that stimulates creativity to implement innovative solutions in practice. Excellent ratio and timing of the theory and practical exercises under the guidance of an experienced and enthusiastic trainer. Three useful days for resolving and removing blocks, that limit analyzing problems and seeing a great solution.
Štefan ŠafranekWANZL spol. s r.o., Head of Development


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60 reviews

Available terms

  • Prague, Days: 3
    • 08. – 10. 12. 2021
    • (in Czech)

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Green Belt

Certified training presents methodology Lean Six Sigma targeting increase quality and efficiency of company processes.

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    Green Belt

    Certified training presents methodology Lean Six Sigma targeting increase quality and efficiency of company processes.

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