Product Cost Academy

An online training program for reducing the direct cost of products, designed for employees in the technical department of companies.

Reduce direct product costs by 10-40 % with a systemic and systematic approach.

ICG offers an efficient, effective, and reliable way to reduce direct product costs. The approach has been successfully applied in dozens of industrial companies in the Czech Republic and abroad.

“Product Cost Academy” combines training of our own methodology, case studies from various fields (and with different initial situations), where we have achieved excellent results by applying the methodology, and presenting practical examples of invited guests (TOP managers) from companies that are professionally close to the topic or apply this approach directly.

The program is designed as a series of thematically linked workshops. We are also able to prepare a “turnkey” training for individual companies. If you are interested in realization of cost-reduction project in your own company, we recommend also Design for Costs consulting.

You will learn to

  • Look at the costs: How to define cost targets and boundary conditions, how to reliably achieve savings in tens of % on any product, how to deal with a high target in a small space in a short time.
  • Measure costs: Which costs to measure for the purpose of their reduction, how to correctly evaluate the measured costs, how to determine the correct costs for the reduction.
  • Discover savings: How to discover cost savings systemically, not by brainstorming, how not to take risks, how to search the space for savings systematically, how to integrate suppliers and customers into cost reduction.
  • Accumulate savings: How to compose the solution, how to chain, accumulate savings, how to achieve savings within the induced investment.
  • Validate savings: How to competently calculate savings, how to calculate savings conditioned by investment, how to defend results, how to reliably achieve 100% cost targets.

Basic information about the training

  • Modular program, 10 days of practical training and workshops.
  • The main lecturer Ján Chaľ – European expert in the field of Design to Cost.
  • Online entries of guests – leaders from Czech companies.
  • For each module argumentation from practice, new effective system models, methodology, procedures, tools, forms.
  • For each module, our case study from a Czech or foreign company with commentary.
  • Sharing experience with other trainees.
  • Use of online tools suitable for R&D

Program Structure of Product Cost Academy

Module Schedule Case Study Guest
1. Costs Defining 26. – 27. 10. 2021 Bruker Frank Filsinger
2. Costs Measurement 11. – 12. 11. 2021 Ammann Štěpán Válek
3. Discovering Savings 25. – 26. 11. 2021 ACO Industries Ján Grznár
4. Savings Composition 09. – 10. 12. 2021 Borcad Ivan Boruta
5. Savings Validation 15. – 16. 12. 2021 Česká Zbrojovka Stanislav Mařák


Each day 8:30 – 12:00 and 13:00 – 15:00

Fee: 50 000 CZK + VAT per participant

Fee incl. VAT DPH (21 %): 60 500 CZK

  • 2 participants: 80 000 CZK + VAT (96 800 CZK incl. VAT)
  • 3 participants: 120 000 CZK + VAT (145 200 CZK incl. VAT)

The fee is including the tuition for 10 days (each day 8:30-12:00 and 13:00-15:00), training materials, methodology and know-how, the guarantee of quality – we return to you 25% of the fee in case you are not satisfied with the training.

Contact us if you are interested in closed company training.

Available terms

  • Online, Days: 2
    • 09. – 10. 12. 2021
    • 8:30-15:00
    • Guest: Borcad
  • Online, Days: 2
    • 05. – 06. 07. 2021
    • 8:30-15:00
    • Guest: Česká Zbrojovka

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