Innovation Live

Be part of a real innovation team that creates radical and breakthrough innovations. Learn the methods while working on a real business task that will be presented by a leading Czech company. Pitch your innovations in front of the investor and verify their value directly with the customer.Obhajte své objevy před investorem a ověřte jejich hodnotu přímo se zákazníkem.

Because of constantly increasing competitive environment and evolving customer needs most businesses are trying to innovate. However, their innovative portfolios often contain only incremental innovations that deliver rapid results with minimal risk, but they lack of radical innovation with the potential to change the market and provide significant revenue to the company. A healthy, innovative portfolio should always include at least some projects with the potential to become a “radical one”.

The „Innovation Live“ training will show you how to work with radical innovations and how to balance your corporate innovation portfolio. By participating, you will become a member of an innovation team that solves the real task of a major Czech company that aims to innovate a product with the potential to change the market. Because it is a real project, you will recognize all of the activities that the project has to go through. You will collaborate with a real customer, investor and designer.

Why choose the „Innovation Live“ training:

  1. Real business topic
    Pre-selected real topic, pre-processed real macro and micro analysis of environment of selected business unit, real products and services, real business. Clearly defined purpose, goals, and disposable resources.
  2. Real investor and customers
    Prepared real owner-investor with a real need to upgrade its services. Attendance of real live customers.
  3. Focus on understanding, innovation process and methods
    Focus on necessary, breakthrough, practical, effective and long-term innovation. How to use innovation to make money for your company.
  4. Focus on results
  5. Focus on obtaining acceptance and validationValidation of proposed innovations, models, prototypes and MVP * directly from customers and investors.

Course and content of the training:


Fee: 6 000 CZK + VAT / participant

After the training you will receive a certificate of completion.

The fee includes the tuition for 2 days, training materials, certificate, refreshments throughout the course and lastly the guarantee of quality – we return to you 25% of the fee in case you are not satisfied with the training.

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*) are mandatory.

There will be no cancellation fee for registrants cancelling fifteen (15) or more business days prior to the scheduled training start date.

Course cancellations made 15 business days or less of the scheduled training date or failure to attend an enrolled in course will be charged 100% of the course enrollment fee.