Design to Risk Academy

An educational programme for executive managers in industry on the topic of risk management, combined with presentations by leaders in the industrial sector and a tour of first-rate companies.

Although companies are capable of increasing revenue, their problem is that they lose part of this income due to ineffective risk management, particularly in relation to development of new product:

  1. Lower revenue after introduction of a product onto the market compared to the revenue planned in the project, due to lower sales, lower realised price, delayed introduction onto the market by one to two years.
  2. Higher costs for a new product due to incorrect design, high additional costs due to poor quality in processes and high costs for warranty servicing.
  3. Poor return on investments into the new project compared to estimates, prolonged development time, high percentage of delayed projects and extended delays in relation launch of production.
  4. Higher investments due to alterations to prototype samples, additional wage costs.

Up to 70% of these consequences originate during the development process.

Design to Risk

Design methodology focused on designing robust products and the related processes, which are resistant to the negative effects of planned and unforeseeable threats. The methodology teaches how to apply this knowledge during product development and the related processes for prevention, detection and mitigation of risks. How to manage development projects from the aspect of risks, how to develop risk management in technical and development divisions within the company as managerial and executive topics.

Main topics of the individual training modules

  • Module 1 – Risk Management how to expediently view risk and measure it during the development process in order to execute effective and efficient prevention, how to implement detection and reinforce it with mitigation to minimise damages. How to develop risk management as a managerial programme and the ability of employees to handle risk.
  • Module 2 – Product Design to Risk – How to design products that are robust in relation to the effects of stressors and unforeseeable events and reliably deliver the required functionality?
  • Module 3 – Process Design to Risk – How to design processes that are resistant to mistakes, without these being transferred to the product?
  • Module 4 – Development Project to Risk – How to design, realise, manage and terminate development projects from the aspect of minimisation of all types of risk (functional, process, project)?

Each topic includes a presentation by a guest and a tour of industrial companies.

Program Structure of Design to Risk Academy

For detailed information about the program and guests of Product Development Academy, please refer to the PDF file attached below.

Fee per 1 module: 15 000 CZK + VAT per participant

Fee incl. VAT DPH (21 %): 18 150 CZK

  • 2 participants: 24 000,- CZK + VAT (29 040 CZK incl. VAT)
  • 3 participants: 31 000,- CZK + VAT (37 510 CZK incl. VAT)

The fee is including the tuition for 2 days, training materials, methodology and know-how, refreshment and lastly the guarantee of quality – we return to you 25% of the fee in case you are not satisfied with the training. The price does not include accommodation, lunch, dinner and transport of praticipants.

Fee for the whole program – 4 modules: 

  • 1 participants: 50 000,- CZK + VAT (60 500 CZK incl. VAT)
  • 2 participants: 80 000,- CZK + VAT (96 800  CZK incl. VAT)
  • 3 participants: 120 000,- CZK + VAT (145 200 CZK incl. VAT)

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