Innovations and Design

Innovate your products, services and processes or look for new opportunities to grow your business with a help of TRIZ technique or by using Innovative process. We offer Creative problem solving training, that uses creativity and teamwork for specific problems.

Creative problem solving

A training aimed at learning participants diverse techniques to strengthen their creative abilities during the team problem solving. Ideal accessory for innovators, Green / Black Belts or simply for everyone who needs to find innovative and efficient solutions to their problems.

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The training for strategic innovative teams, but also for engineers and technicians, who are looking for creative problem solving. You will find inspiration for radical innovations in solutions, which were used in global patents. Discover tools, which are being used by global leaders!

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Design For Costs Academy

After many years of direct experience in applying the approach of Lean Design and Design for Costs programs in Czech and German industrial firms, we have decided to implement an open training programme – Design for Costs.

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Seriously Innovative

The revolutionary concept of our training will help you to kick off innovation activities of your team or the entire company. In three energizing days, you will get a chance to put your hands on practical creative problem-solving techniques, techniques of prototyping, or learn what’s your ideal role in the innovation team.

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Lean Startup

The training is a combination of methodologic presentation and team exercises, where participants will try out principles of Lean Startup in practice through simulation game.

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Design Thinking Workshop

When design principles are applied to strategy and innovation the success rate for innovation dramatically improves. Come along an international team of innovators to learn how to apply design thinking methodology and how to make products that are more desirable and services more appealing to users.

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Thank you very much for such interesting course, new horizons, that have opened in front of me. I really appreciate that I see things differently now. I hope that I will participate in more trainings.
Dmitry MasagutovKomerční banka, Developer
Appropriate especially for those, whose jobs requires finding new solutions, answers to newly formed problems, inovations etc. And for those to whom basic brainstorming is not enough anymore.
Lenka RysovaKomerční banka
I would definitely recommend TRIZ training. This course was very inspiring for me and I think that TRIZ techniques can be used in many different areas. Thanks to the exercises we were able to practise particular approaches very well. That is why individual methods are very well implementable for me. I would like to express great thanks to Libor Čadek, it is possible to see that he dominates TRIZ methodology very well and he is able to pass his enthusiasm about it on the course participants.
Petra HamtákováVodafone
The training Creative Problem Solving was largely filled by consistent practical exercising of group creative techniques, immediately down streaming the discussed theory. The trainings were gradient, thanks to the professional performance of the lecturer where participants were max. actively involved and the two days went surprisingly quickly. Overall, the event surpassed my expectations - I recommend it!
Martin NěmecVelux, Head od R&D
The Innovation process training from ICG-Capability was inspiring. This difficult topic, in which it is hard to find a “revolutionary” idea, was presented in a very interesting way with a lot of illustrative exercises and techniques helping us break down stereotypes and develop our creative thinking. The training was very well conducted and suitably accompanied by plenty of real-life examples.
Miroslav ZvrskovecMoneta Money Bank