Change Management

The success of your initiative is only as good as the success of your change efforts. In fact, most initiatives fail to deliver expected results not for lack of commitment, hard skills, technologies and tools, but because the people involved fail to manage change and the change is not adopted by staff.

No matter how good is the technical solution, without managing the "human approach" it can't be successful.

In every organisation, many projects are implemented, whether technological, process-focused or strategic in nature. Not all are considered a success. In fact, most initiatives fail to deliver expected results not for lack of commitment, hard skills, technologies and tools, but because the people involved fail to manage change and the change is not adopted by staff. It is resistance to change and ways to eliminate resistance to change that Change Management is focused on. When mastered, it significantly increases the likelihood of success.

Our training prepares participants to systematically manage change as a part of every project. The concept of the training is simple but very practical. Together we select some real topic from organizations – some changes, which were done or are planned to do. Participants will then become Change managers and in small groups they will prepare a change management plan, communication plan, develop arguments and test situations which can cause a resistance.

Typical situations when you need Change management

  • Company needs a set of organizational changes
  • Project manager wants to change the process and thus redistribute work between departments
  • Implement new system, new work procedures
  • Moving branches means a lot of work for employees

You will learn to

  • Initiate, identify and implement changes within an organization in parallel with project management
  • Recognize a typical reaction to change, how to prepare for it and how to face the resistance
  • Apply interesting tools like: OPERA (problem solving), SCALE (identify initial position), Force Field Analysis (Get arguments for change), 3D Matrix, Pecha Kucha (Communication tool) and many others
  • Prepare a communication plan for both employees and management
  • Be leader of the change – work effectively with team and all stakeholders, newly we added Cultural analysis
  • Combine project techniques and change management
  • Lead a team and facilitate workshops in a way to get results and support

Fee: 7 500 CZK + VAT / participant

(fee valid for trainings scheduled until 09/2020, then the fee is 9 000 CZK)

Fee incl. VAT (21 %): 9 075 CZK

After the training you will receive a certificate of completion.

The fee includes the tuition for 2 days, training materials, refreshments throughout the course, and lastly the guarantee of quality – we return to you 25% of the fee in case you are not satisfied with the training.

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Similar types of lectures are usually very demanding on the volume of information and tend to have a busy program that doesn’t leave enough time for practical part and reflection. This wasn’t the case of ICG. Information and form were able to cover the most important topics but at the same time provide enough space to relate everything to practice through exercises as well as discussion and the lecturer’s experiences.
Alexandra LužovámBank, Project Manager
I can highly recommend the Change Management training. The content, scope and form of training were absolutely sufficient. It contained key aspects, clearly and understandably explained, complete with many examples from real life. The possibility of sharing was also great, there was space for open and constructive discussion. The atmosphere was friendly and I also appreciate professional approach of the lecturer.
Barbora HochováMANN + HUMMEL service, s.r.o., PR senior specialista
Change management training – very helpful and practically oriented course, due to this training participants understand the importance of communicating the change and gain a good overview about technics and tools that can be used. Thanks to this practical excercises you are leaving with complete cookbook for managing change in practice. Lecturer explain the problematice in an understandable way and top it up with many situations from real life. I tis obvious that he has a lot of experience in change management. I can only highly recommend!
Tomáš DomasLINET spol. s r.o., Project Manager IT
Your Change management training I completed was very pleasant and useful. We were not just sitting all day, each theoretical part was followed by practical exercises in groups. Because of the diversity of the participants, we could share the given topic as well as our own experience. The training took place in a very nice environment, so I highly recommend it to everyone. I myself have already booked another one.
Zuzana BáčováProvident Financial
Change Management Training had a very interesting content, quality and the presentation were at a high level. Also very important was that they presented situations from different companies, because one quickly understands the difference based on real examples rather than in theory. It has been seen that you have a lot of experience and it gives the value to the training. Participants must feel that their trainer is someone who has experience from the practice. If I could recommend someone training for Change Management, I would certainly recommend your company.
Anton MorongAccenture


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  • Prague, Days: 2
    • 26. – 27. 08. 2020
  • Prague, Days: 2
    • 07. – 08. 12. 2020

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