We offer professional trainings with maximum focus on practical part. Choose a training from a field of process optimization, change management, project management or innovation. In addition to open trainings, we provide trainings for clients with content adapted specially to their needs.

Six Sigma

We offer certified Lean Six Sigma trainings which present trainees with methods of process optimalization, process design and quality of products and services increase for both production and service industry.


LEAN trainings cover whole spectrum of needs of production companies. We start with an introduction of tools in Lean Practicioner training and provide certified programmes Lean Expert, which take place in real production environment.

Innovations and Design

Innovate your products, services and processes or look for new opportunities to grow your business with a help of TRIZ technique or by using Innovative process. We offer Creative problem solving training, that uses creativity and teamwork for specific problems.

Change management and Agile

The way of managing change, organization, people and projects is extremely important for today's companies. Our training will take you through proven Change Management approaches. It will show you Agile as a new way of working in today's complex and rapidly changing world. We'll also teach you how to use a coaching approach to managing a team.

Project Management

We will teach you how to lead projects by using not only tools of project manager, but also by using correct communication, approach and mainly thinking. In process management we teach how to effectively map processes, set metrics and work actively with them.

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