TractorMotive is a robust, accurately and technically sophisticated tool for the complex simulation of production processes. DMAIC, Lean tools and SIX SIGMA. It is intended for a wide range of professional users. By using simple settings, the simulation adapts to the needs of trainers and coaches in terms of scope and technical complexity.

The possibilities of use of the simulation are varied

Training of process mapping VSM / VSD mapping

Learn to map processes with TractorMotive simulation using VSM techniques. Analyze and understand the overall process, its management and organization. The simulation allows a deep understanding of the value analysis in the product flow, including multi-level solutions OPF, Kanban, Sequence.

Training support of KAIZEN and KAIZEN EVENT workshops

TractorMotive simulation is a tool for training Kaizen and Kaizen Event techniques. It will allow you to train an implementation team to the required standard. Try different approaches to quick analysis, implementation and setting of permanently sustainable improving processes.

Testing and training for HR departments and training centres

With the simulation, you can test manual skills, approach to problem solving, creativity and teamwork in the most faithful production environment. Training centres may prepare a number of partial training programmes for various categories of employees with the simulation.

More than 65 Lean And Six Sigma Tools

We initially define the project, process problem and CTQ during the training of individual techniques. Furthermore, we measure and analyze data, look for root causes, propose solutions, implement changes and realize pilot and subsequent inspection of the process.

Ask for the unique simulation TractorMotive

Ask for the unique simulation TractorMotive

We will prepare a complete quote and simulation presentation for you. We will perform training of your trainers. We offer you a technical service, spare parts for the simulation, and expansion of the basic version of the simulation by other modules.

  • 35 tools in training
  • 4 – 16 participants
  • 46 types of components
  • 877 parts
  • High level of design
  • Compact packing in one box for easy handling
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