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Minitab statistical software provides advanced statistical and graphical tools that, when combined with data, enable efficient and accurate decision-making. Its simplicity and intuitiveness make it a leading software in process improvement. Enjoy new levels of productivity and collaboration, whether you're accessing Minitab on your desktop or anywhere in the cloud.


Minitab anywhere

New! Use Minitab anywhere now as a cloud version (web) with automatic data storage on Google Drive, MS One Drive or traditionally on a computer.

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Clear charts

Quick review of analysis results using clear and informative charts with automatic updating of overwritten data. You no longer have to manually search and sync anything.

Import and export

Simple and fast import of data from MS Excel and their processing directly in Minitab. Export your data or charts to PowerPoint and present the results of analysis in your company.

Interactive assistant

An assistant that will simply guide you through analysis. Choose the right chart or statistical tool to ensure a suitable application.

Minitab Assistant

Minitab Assistant Help for correct interpretation of results

Analysis of the data may pose some risk if you are not an expert in statistics. Sometimes, your biggest challenge is where to start or if you have used the correct chart, selected a statistical test or interpreted the data correctly. The assistant in Minitab removes any doubts by helping to determine the correct statistical analysis tools you will use. After you choose the right tool, the assistant itself identifies and monitors all the steps you should take to ensure that the results of the analysis will be accurate and reliable.

Minitab Assistant

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Minitab license + training

Take part in one of our trainings and get a half-year / annual full license for it at a very favorable price. You can try out Minitab, use it for the needs of training or analysis in your current project. After the license expires, opt for renewal under standard terms. Choose a training from our portfolio, we recommend for example Data Analysis – Minitab or Lean Six Sigma trainings, for example.

Minitab licence

Fully functional license in the form of an annual subscription (permanent and multiuser versions can no longer be purchased). The license is associated with a specific computer and includes a desktop and now also a cloud (web) version. It can be purchased in any quantity for either 1 year or 3 years. Upgrades are automatically included in the license price. Technical support is free for the duration of the subscription

Academic license

Do you work in an academic field and need to use Minitab for teaching or research purposes? Minitab offers a price advantage for education and specific licensing options compared to the commercial sphere. Contact us and we will prepare a corresponding price offer.


Technical support

It doesn't end with the sale. We help customers with installation and provide free professional support, eg. when renewing a license.

Professional know-how

ICG consultants have expert statistical and practical knowledge from various fields. We pass the knowledge on to your employees and teach them to make decisions based on data and not feelings.


We use the software in practice to help our clients find the desired savings in improving processes. We help with data preparation, processing and analysis.

Guarantee of quality

Integrated Consulting Group is an international consulting company operating in 12 European countries with more than 35 years of experience. We focus on process improvement, corporate innovation and change management combined with Agile approaches.

DO YOU WANT TO TRY MINITAB FIRST?? Try the 30-day full version for free with all the tools.

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