Project Manager’s Mindset – perfect training that overcame my expectations, I would happily continue for a few more days. Training is complex and entertaining. The lecturer has nice and friendly approach and knows how to keep you interested, thanks to her many years of experience. Thank you for 2 inspiring days.

Veronika Nováková

|Project manager | AŽD Praha s.r.o.

I work in the Department of Production Engineering where I am responsible for 20 people who take care of the production lines from construction through to operation. The related job content also includes operative and long-term periodic maintenance of all adjustment devices aimed at minimizing wasted production time of equipment. Participation in the Lean Flow Expert Course has helped me greatly in finding my weak points in the lines that we manage to minimize and so increase efficiency, thereby achieving better production results. The training was very useful in effective management and the planning of equipment maintenance. Since I have been working in the company for many years, this training has helped me to increase my knowledge with new effective methods that were subsequently also practically demonstrated, which I consider to be extras in similar trainings.

Jan Sobek

|Production Engineering | Panasonic AVC

The training was very valuable. Every information was understandable and shared in an entertaining and complex way. All laws were shown on practical examples. Time used for the training was not wasted at all. I am very satisfied.

Jan Šoltýs

|Development technologist | RUBENA a. s.

The basics of Six Sigma, Lean and the border between them were explained in a balanced combination of theory and practice, in an understandable and entertaining fashion. Recommended.

Jan Tritthart

|Manager Industrial Engineering | SKF Lubrication Systems

Within one day, a challenging topic was presented to me and my colleagues in an understandable way. Thank you also for your willingness to answer questions and discuss concrete examples. I evaluate the MSA training positively.

Lukáš Pulkert

|QA specialist, QM Department | Fresenius Kabi Horatev CZ s.r.o.

A3/PDCA training appropriately represents PDCA (PDSA) principles blending with the PPS method and basic A3 report perception. It is especially suitable for middle and strategic management. Training helps with understanding of mutual communication.

Karel Chadim

|Manager of Management System Development | ČEZ a.s.

The training was presented in an entertaining way with a high quality. I very appreciate information from practice, which are really difficult, but very nicely presented. The training was perfectly organized.

Tomáš Kabourek

| Panasonic AVC

I really enjoyed the training, which has fulfilled me with new ideas and points of view. I really appreciated all physical activities, when we did not just went through theory. I also appreciated, summaries of what we accomplished. I can honestly say that it was one of the best trainings I have ever participated in.

Zdeněk Sokol

|CEO | Kornet s.r.o.

Thanks to the Lean Flow Expert Course I can use the knowledge of how to put TPM into practice in our company. The training was very informative and interesting. The interpretation of the trainer was engaging and he managed to keep the attention of all present participants throughout the training. I also appreciate the choice of venue for the training. Thank you.

Ladislav Vlček

|Lean Excellence | Continental

“I need to change the corporate culture and I think the introduction of Lean philosophy is the right way”. That was my assignment 5 years ago when I was selecting a consultant at Lean. The only company that came up with an interesting offer (and understood our needs at all) was ICG. Since then, ICG has been accompanying me in the Lean transformations I am launching. Most appreciate the approach of ICG consultants, which always takes us one step (or two) further, we always get the support we need, we learn mainly by implementing projects together, Kaizen events, Kaizen Weeky. The ICG is constantly helping us push the boundaries of what we think can be implemented. For example, we have implemented Just In Sequence production planning within a week. As a result, lead time has been reduced to many hours instead of days (weeks) and the planning process has been standardized. It is just one example of how much ICG has helped us and helps to increase efficiency, leadtime, free up production space for further production and, above all, increase the engagement of our employees. Without ICG, our Lean transformation would not have been so successful.

Jan Sondag

| Teleflex

Method A3 is an interesting way to solve the problem. The training and the trainer show and teach us how to handle this method in practice.

František Dittrich

|Quality Management Manager | DencoHappel CZ a.s

Richard Hodulak’s approach as ICG trainer was professional. The training was conducted with a practical demonstration on the TractorMotive module so that everyone was able to understand it. What impressed the most, was the practical part of the Workshop, where Richard was trying to deliver a real practical results and improvements. The changes we made within 4 days have had real economic benefits, and the capacity for improved processes has increased considerably.

Filip Vrátný

|LEAN manager | FOXCONN Technology CZ

I really appreciate the methodology which is complex and I imagine it works well in practice. I already know what I will use on my next project. I’ve realized what I haven’t been doing on the projects, because I didn’t think it was important – evaluation. Now I will do it and I will enjoy it together with my team.

Luboš Winkler

| Model Obaly, a.s.

I was very satisfied with the course of the training. Both the theoretical and practical part fully met my expectations. I really liked the visit in the plant where I gained a lot of suggestions for improvement of the current conditions in our workplaces.

Renáta Floriánová

|PSUL Supervisor | Avire

Very well prepared training, with optimal time for discussion. We have completed several ICG Capability courses with my colleagues already, and this training confirmed great experience of the trainer, who readily shares the knowledge with attendees (even after the training). I can highly recommend.

Veronika Hermanová

|Project Manager | KBC Group NV, Czech Branch

From the division manager’s point of view, I appreciate the active and highly professional way of training for the entire duration of the training. Through his knowledge and presentation skills, Richard H. succeeded in drawing and engaging all participants in the workshop in the process of improvement. The high working pace that Richard has established since the very beginning of the course has helped keep the attention of all involved members up to a successful end. The feedback from the participants of the training is also very positive. It was very motivating to see how much work can be done in just 3 days. Increased productivity in the order of several tens of percent was the clear and measurable benefit of this workshop. In the future, I plan to continue with Mr. Hodulak.

Martin Fiala

|Service Center Manager EMEA | FOXCONN Technology CZ

Lots of useful information on project management. The exercises where we were talking about and applying the knowledge on a specific example suited me very well… it was perfectly prepared!

Petra Kropáčová

| Model Obaly, a. s.

I think that the Lean Pull Expert training was very beneficial and it was well divided into a theoretical and practical part. I much appreciate the fact that the participants were from different production environments, so we had the opportunity to share very useful comments and opinions in discussions. The possibility to visit the plant of the organizing company was also great. The great proactive approach of the lecturer set the level of the training even higher.

Tomáš Létal


The training showed me several different and more practical ways to approach evaluation of my team’s work. And how to correctly convey the information back to them through feedback.

Lukáš Papala

|Process manager | Alza CZ, a.s.

I’ve been working with ICG Capability (Richard Hodulák) for several years. I have attended several Workshops and follow-up Kaizen Events and I appreciate especially the professional and practical approach. The results have always exceeded my expectations. The work of the entire team has always been on a high level, and the progress has been absorbed by even less optimistic colleagues. I can only recommend cooperation with ICG Capability (Richard Hodulák). It is worthwhile.

Michal Mur

|GPS manager | GRAMMER CZ