Very well prepared training, with optimal time for discussion. We have completed several ICG Capability courses with my colleagues already, and this training confirmed great experience of the trainer, who readily shares the knowledge with attendees (even after the training). I can highly recommend.

Veronika Hermanová

|Project Manager | KBC Group NV, Czech Branch

From the division manager’s point of view, I appreciate the active and highly professional way of training for the entire duration of the training. Through his knowledge and presentation skills, Richard H. succeeded in drawing and engaging all participants in the workshop in the process of improvement. The high working pace that Richard has established since the very beginning of the course has helped keep the attention of all involved members up to a successful end. The feedback from the participants of the training is also very positive. It was very motivating to see how much work can be done in just 3 days. Increased productivity in the order of several tens of percent was the clear and measurable benefit of this workshop. In the future, I plan to continue with Mr. Hodulak.

Martin Fiala

|Service Center Manager EMEA | FOXCONN Technology CZ

Lots of useful information on project management. The exercises where we were talking about and applying the knowledge on a specific example suited me very well… it was perfectly prepared!

Petra Kropáčová

| Model Obaly, a. s.

I think that the Lean Pull Expert training was very beneficial and it was well divided into a theoretical and practical part. I much appreciate the fact that the participants were from different production environments, so we had the opportunity to share very useful comments and opinions in discussions. The possibility to visit the plant of the organizing company was also great. The great proactive approach of the lecturer set the level of the training even higher.

Tomáš Létal


I completed the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt online training by ICG and I must admit that I was very pleasantly surprised. The trainers had very well prepared all the training materials, simulation games and all the supporting applications that we used. The content was also well and clearly presented. I definitely recommend it.

Kristína Bacharová

|Lean Manufacturing Engineer | Vertiv Slovakia

The lecturer’s approach and form of explanation helped to keep the attention and context. We practiced everything in teams. I have completed 3 trainings: DFSS, Yellow Belt and BPM. The topics were connected and the use of the methodologies fit together. Lecturers are real experts and they give many practical examples. They are not just “theorists”, and that is apparent in all areas. I consider these trainings very valuable for my position.

Kateřina Jiravová

|Process Analyst | MAFRA, a.s.

My thanks to ICG for an intensive course that introduced me the project management and made it easier for me to enter this field, with which I have had no experience so far.

Patrik Mandys

|PM Junior | Connectronics s.r.o.

The training showed me several different and more practical ways to approach evaluation of my team’s work. And how to correctly convey the information back to them through feedback.

Lukáš Papala

|Process manager | Alza CZ, a.s.

I’ve been working with ICG Capability (Richard Hodulák) for several years. I have attended several Workshops and follow-up Kaizen Events and I appreciate especially the professional and practical approach. The results have always exceeded my expectations. The work of the entire team has always been on a high level, and the progress has been absorbed by even less optimistic colleagues. I can only recommend cooperation with ICG Capability (Richard Hodulák). It is worthwhile.

Michal Mur

|GPS manager | GRAMMER CZ

Manager as coach will enable me to fully use the potential of the team and find an individual approach to its members.»

Václav Šimek

|Head of Maintenance | Continental Automotive Czech Republic s.r.o.

The training was done very professionally (great organization and facility). I value the integration of theoretical part of the training with the practical part, which took place at the production facility. Nothing beats real life application and practice. I would also like to praise the trainer, Pavel Skoda, who is able to perfectly explain the theory including various examples from his experience as well as take participants through the practical part of the training in the manufacturing setting. Overall I evaluate the training as excellent.

Pavel Hamberger

|Process Engineer | Magna Cartech

Immediately during day one I concluded that this Green Belt training is at a completely different level than what we are used to. The whole course I was just interested in learning more information and above all to think about it and put it in context. Another great thing you managed to do is to run an online course that I didn’t even expect to happen, and certainly not at such a top level. “Top marks” from me. Personally, I was very impressed by the Zoom technology, which in my opinion simulated face-to-face meeting with 99% sufficiency.

Jiří Svoboda,

| E.ON

The DFSS training should be part of education for anyone who develops / modifies / sets processes in any company. It provides tools that help ensure that processes meet goals and don‘t miss any key goals and aspects.

Zdeňka Stuchlíková

|Lean Navigator | Raiffeisenbank a. s.

The BPM training I have completed has met my expectations and deepened my knowledge of process management, which I have been doing for about 1.5 years. I have appreciated the approach of a lecturer who has enriched the theory of practical experience. I also welcomed the opportunity for an interactive discussion during the training. If our company will demand another process training, We will definitely contact ICG and the lecturer.

Dana Marušinová

|Process Manager | Československá obchodná banka, a. s.

Based on the training you can set goals of project team and line subordinates quite well. I liked using emotion when defining goals.

Petr Tóth

|Project office leader | J&T Banka

After more than two years of working with ICG-Capability, I have a great appreciation of the work of consultants – their expertise, the ability to put the theoretical interpretation into practice and the ability to adapt the style to different professions in our company – from operators to managers. From the beginning of our cooperation, I feel realy positive about the start of kaizen’s transformation – through a comprehensive concept of kaizen events, we managed to implement a One Piece flow line in the key area of production with the active involvement of not only THP staff but also operators in the workshop.

Michal Kubica

|Continuous Improvement Manager | Olympus Medical Products Czech

The training has fulfilled my expectations, the content and the form were sufficient. I recommend attending this type of training with lecturer Dáša.

Zuzana Nedavašková

|Team leader | Innogy

I attended the Lean Value Stream Expert training by ICG which took place in JMA. The training completely fulfilled my expectations in terms of the practical use of the value stream mapping method. Knowledgeable lecturer was able to explain complex concepts and answers all participants’ questions. The training, in a real environment, is absolutely priceless! A week after the training in JMA, I successfully moderated a team in my company through a VSM process, mainly thanks to ICG.

Jiří Kalina

| Cooper Standard

The professionalism of the training and the approach of the lecturers were absolutely breathtaking. The materials were well prepared and I am glad that I attended this training. The online version of the Green Belt training was great in my opinion.

Michal Zelenka

|Integrated Management System Department | Metrostav a.s.

A clear interpretation accompanied by perfectly processed materials. Trainers are professionals who know what they are talking about and understand the methodology. The pace of explanation is tailored to participants, queries are immediately answered, and repeated explanation is not a problem.

Tomáš Erlert

|Technologist | Brano