The training was highly professional. The topic was applied on real situations from practice, which enabled the participants to quickly understand the approach and the application. Both ICG-Capability lecturers were great – both in their professionality and presentation skills. I especially appreciate that they adjusted the content of the training according to the needs and questions of the participants.

Viktor Hančinský

|Lean Six Sigma Specialist | GE Aviation

We have been cooperating with ICG for more than two years. The primary aim of our cooperation was and still is to spread Kaizen culture in a non-violent way through education and workshops. To do this, we have mapped the value flow and defined Kaizen Events, which have always been targeted to a particular obstacle to the main goal of building the OPF line. Kaizen Events have been very carefully implemented, from planning, staffing, goal specification, use of techniques, consultants’ choice to final presentation of proposals, and feedback from participants and sponsors. Thanks to careful organization and implementation, we are able to spread Kaizen’s nonviolent culture in the company, with parallel benefits in the form of significant improvements in individual workplaces. I see cooperation with ICG as very successful one. We managed to transfer a large amount of know-how to internal staff, and ICG (after a year and a half) already works only in the form of an external consultancy and audit company now. The basis for successful cooperation with ICG is shared philosophy and approach to Kaizen.

Ivo Denemarek

|Supply Chain Manager | Olympus Medical Products Czech

To cooperate with Mr. Hodulák is like seeing the truth! His approach to uncovering any shortcomings and unnecessary is direct and uncompromising. Training is all comprehensible and the management of the workshops is professional and effective. I appreciate his open approach, his willingness to still give us questions to help us open our eyes and find the right solutions. In a perfectly understandable way, we can give feedback when we look for excuses or justifications instead of solutions. After several years of cooperation, I would like to recommend the training to any company.

Martin Kořínek, Ph.D

|General Manager | GRAMMER CZ

Great practical training, in which we mapped chosen process in company Assa Abloy, then we did value analysis of particular working spaces, on the basis of newly discovered facts we  created VSM and VSD with suggested improvements. Training in real environment with practical examples that can be used in manufacturing company.

Jiří Goth

|GPS Manager | Grammer CZ - Žatec

I have been very pleased with the A3 / PDCA training both in content and in the form of training. It was already the second training I attended and it was clear from the beginning what the purpose of the training is and what is its content. I also enjoyed the very friendly and entertaining approach of the lecturer. I would like to attend further training.

Petr Kaňok

|Logistic Manager | PV-Czech s.r.o.

The content of the course is very applicable in the practice. The course was very exciting. The form – right in the company, very effective and interesting. The lecturer had a lot of experience, the commentary is interesting and it keeps participants active.

Miroslav Klečka

|Warehouse Manager | Grammer CZ

Whether you plan to implement BPM or have already taken the first steps and are working on process management, this training will help you stop, think and understand. It’s as if someone has put a map in your hand. Together with examples from practice, exercises and high quality and lecturer’s flexibility, we have been given the energy to work on creating process management in our company.

Matej Grajcár

|Analytik procesů | Československá obchodná banka, a. s.

Training in a pleasant environment stimulates creativity to implement innovative solutions in practice. Excellent ratio and timing of the theory and practical exercises under the guidance of an experienced and enthusiastic trainer. Three useful days for resolving and removing blocks, limiting analyzing problems and seeing a great solution.

Štefan Šafranek

|Vedoucí vývoje | WANZL

TRIZ methodology training was a great benefit for the whole participating team. Given topic was presented by the lecturer in very structured and intelligible way, also supported by a series of team exercises, where we tried different tools in practice. The entire methodology has a much wider scope than we thought before the training and is applicable in many cases, for example as an excellent support of Six Sigma methodology. A great benefit was also presentation of a number of alternative tools (e.g. smart little people, X factor, etc.) that really bring a completely new look on innovations and area of development. As agreed upon by all participants of the training, for us this is really something new and as our foreign colleagues say, this is exactly what we mean when we say “thinking out of the boxes.”

Michal Lačný

|Quality Manager | ViskoTeepak s.r.o.

I enjoyed the course very much and there’s nothing to complain about when it comes to its contents. Training that’s presented through real, practical examples is very entertaining. The trainer has amazing knowledge and experience. It was certainly enjoyable being trained by him.

Jakub Čvančara

| BENEŠ a LÁT a.s

I recommend ICG training. I have already gone through the change management courses, TRIZ and Lean Six Sigma, and now BPM training, which was once again full of practical examples. The training is fun, easy to understand, and the questions are always answered satisfactorily. Overall, I’m very happy and I like to come back.

Hana Housarová

|Project manager | PPL CZ

I would definitely recommend TRIZ training. This course was very inspiring for me and I think that TRIZ techniques can be used in many different areas. Thanks to the exercises we were able to practise particular approaches very well. That is why individual methods are very well implementable for me. I would like to express great thanks to Libor Čadek, it is possible to see that he dominates TRIZ methodology very well and he is able to pass his enthusiasm about it on the course participants.

Vladimír Hála

| Panasonic

I participated with my colleagues in TRIZ training organized by ICG-Capability company. We all agreed on that TRIZ is very interesting and beneficial method to solve problems. I particularly like the fact that it is not a theory that one can believe or not. It is based on experience and emerged from practical inventions and enhancements. The training was conducted using very pleasant and non-violent method of presentation with plenty of room for our questions and opinions. The crucial thing was that the block of presentation was always followed by exercise on an interesting topic in which we stretched, relaxed and above all we practised everything we have learnt, so we learnt to use the procedures plus we better remembered everything. Considering the method of conduction of the course, I particularly appreciated the approach of the trainer, he never deprecated any solution, to the contrary, he always briefed very peacefully on correct procedures when doing the exercises. In the course of my career I have attended several similar courses, so I have a comparison. Without hesitation I can highly recommend TRIZ course, especially for technical professions it is excellent. Participants will greatly appreciate the friendly and humorous way of leading the course and also well prepared course materials.

Tomáš Kratochvíl

| Panasonic

The training was great. Many practical examples, realization within a factory. The possibility of mapping the proces which we went through physicaly. Richard is a very good lecturer with many experiences – a professional.

Andrea Kellnerová

|Lean Coordinator | Wistron InfoComm (Czech), s.r.o.

I can highly recommend the Change Management training. The content, scope and form of training were absolutely sufficient. It contained key aspects, clearly and understandably explained, complete with many examples from real life. The possibility of sharing was also great, there was space for open and constructive discussion. The atmosphere was friendly and I also appreciate professional approach of the lecturer.

Barbora Hochová

|PR senior specialista | MANN + HUMMEL service, s.r.o.

The DFSS trainingng provided by ICG was jiggly interactive and targeted to our concrete applications. The trainer has demonstrated a great expertise both in the field and in the securing that the training was at the same time effective and entertaining. I would definitely recommend it to any organization interested in it.

Thomas Fouchard

|Seior Quality Manager Specialist | Lego Production s.r.o.

The innovation training walked us through the innovation process theoretically and also practically with lots of practical examples. On the basis of detailed training materials provided by the company ICG-Capability we can apply the process on our bank environment and specific products. During the training we have experienced a lot of fun but first of all, we came up with new ideas and innovations for our company, and all this under the guidance of an experienced lecturer Milan Gazdík.

Michal Vilhelm

| VÚB Banka

The three-days training was very beneficial. I consider the linking of theoretical part with practical workshops as the biggest positive, as well as pleasant working atmosphere and professinal approach of the lecturer. I also appreciate well prepared study materials; thanks to those I can return to the theory anytime. I can recommend the training even to the beginners such as myself, as it is a training full of information. If I have an opportunity to attend some other ICG lecture in the future, I will gladly take it.

Kateřina Štranglerová

| TE Connectivity

Similar types of lectures are usually very demanding on the volume of information and tend to have a busy program that doesn’t leave enough time for practical part and reflection. This wasn’t the case of ICG. Information and form were able to cover the most important topics but at the same time provide enough space to relate everything to practice through exercises as well as discussion and the lecturer’s experiences.

Alexandra Lužová

|Project Manager | mBank

I definitely recommend this training. It’s really professional –  understandable organized information, which can be used in practice.

Marek Strakoš

|Specialista řízení reklamací a nehod | ČKD Kutná Hora