Creating spaces for change – inspired by IDEO

Behaviour of people does not change by mandate – people need space where new ways of working can be experimented. IDEO, one of the world’s leading design agencies showed us some nice examples how creative design can positively influence behavior.

Moving beyond Holacracy

Holacracy has gained a lot of attention recently as a possible approach to run a company on the principles of self-organization.

Co-working in Silicon Valley: buzz word or one of the differentiators for creativity?

Every visit to companies in San Francisco and Silicon Valley has given us the opportunity to get a feel and touch about the way people work together. This is not only mentioned in every presentation with pride, it is also made visible by the presenters in all locations we have visited in those days. What is the essence of this form of collaboration and how does this make a difference.

Accelerating success in Silicon Valley

37 % of the people in Silicon Valley are born in foreign countries. One of them is the 21-year old Felix Krause from a little village in Lower Austria, who has just sold his company “Fastlane” to Twitter and is now working for them.

The Silicon Valley Mindset

Silicon Valley, south of San Francisco, is a unique melting pot for innovation – it’s a special mixture here: being a successful technology location for over 50 years, it attracts even more tech-industry.

New branch in Bratislava

We have opened a new branch in Slovakia with the offer of trainings in September.

TractorMotive PULL+

TractorMotive Pull+ je novinkou v řadě naší unikátní simulační hry. Přináší extrémní nárůst možností tréninku v oblastech lean, motivace a přijetí změn.