Get rid of waste in processes

LSS Yellow Belt training is for everybody who wants to do their work more effectively, quicker and easier. At the cardosurgical unit at Standford Hospital and Clinics were six different instrumentation tables for each type of case, one for each surgeon. The waste was reduced with the LSS approach.

Rapid Results: Reducing Risk in a VUCA World

Today, organizations are challenged to break free of the constraints of what they “know for sure” – rules, disciplines, assumptions and repeatable processes. Even if these certainties are valid for a moment in time, the world changes so quickly that they are soon overturned or overtaken by a new reality.


On 23rd of August 2017, in Prague, we introduce to you 4 case studies of successful manufacturing and service projects. This one day workshop will provide a unique opportunity to meet people, who apply practice with knowledge gain in LSS Green Belt training and LEAN EXPERT program.

Singularity University

Thousand years ago the only people that could change a nation or a region of the world were kings, a hundred years ago it was the industrials. Today anyone passionate enough can take on one of the world’s grand challenges and by leveraging exponential technologies can solve them.

Living Strategy in VUCA-World

Strategy nowadays must more than ever before enable organizations to deal with uncertainty and rapid changes. Globalization and digitalization are on everyone's lips. The changes and challenges they entail are, in many organizations, not merely discussion topics anymore, but often very present in the daily business. Time to ask: What does strategy mean in these times – and, moreover, what is a good strategy?

TRIZ – Tools for Creativity and Clever Solutions

TRIZ is a unique method which guides engineers to understand and solve their problems by accessing scientific knowledge. TRIZ helps us find relevant and practical answers to our real problems.

Lean and innovative, that is a PechaKucha presentation

Have you heard about PechaKucha presentation style? Presentation can also be lean and innovative! PechaKucha is a simple presentation format which is pre-set to display exactly 20 shots for just 20 seconds. This fascinating way of presenting quickly became very popular.

Are you solving the same problems over again? Then you might STAGNATE!

Every Lean specialist would agree with me, that a robust and effective problem solving process is an inseparable part of Lean transformation. And there is sense to it, because if the Lean principles are applied right, problems found by analyzing ineffective processes would come to light. Along with them but come higher goals such as shorter lead time, improved quality etc., that each represent a certain form of “problem” itself.

Change Management Conference 2017

Do you want to know, how organization of a wide range of industries tackle today’s challenges of the business word? And do you want to give practical Tools a try? If you do, the Change Management Conference in Vienna on May 10, 2017 is exactly the right event for you.

Creative problem solving

Why are companies often missing real creativity? There are several causes, which prevents companies from increasing innovation and creativity. So how can companies remove this brake mechanism? That is what we will teach you on our Creative problem solving training.

A3 report: Are you solving your problems effectively, or professionally?

Every company is full of problems. May be you call them “challenges” or “opportunities” as an attempt to overshadow that negative hue, which the word “problem” may have for someone. And on the other hand, may be you want to support positive understanding of a problem as a chance to improve.