DMAIC Series

For the next weeks, we have a series of Lean Six Sigma articles prepared for you. They will be about the most common problems and mistakes, that occur in Lean Six Sigma projects.

Design For Six Sigma (DFSS) vs DMAIC

One of the most confusing terms associated with someone saying “I’m using Six Sigma” has to do with what methodology they are actually using. A majority of the time Black Belts are using the DMAIC methodology, because they improve existing processes. The remaining minority of Six Sigma practitioners are using a Design For Six Sigma (DFSS) approach to design a new processes or product for Six Sigma quality.

Finance for Project Managers

For effective managing any project it is necessary to have sufficient financial background. Of course, you do not need to be experienced controller or a financial analyst, but understanding basic financial terms  is quite important. Why?

The Art of Project Management

Project management. Methodology. Tools. But how to use these tools? How to use them for work? What else “can I” do and “cannot do” as a project manager? Project manager is responsible for the delivery of a project. What are project manager’s competencies and responsibilities? How should a project manager lead the project team in order to collectively deliver what is expected from the project?

How to Explain Six Sigma by Using the Profit Triangle

Once a person becomes a Master Black Belt or deployment leader within an organization, they may spend a lot of time explaining to other people what Six Sigma is and how it can help the company. So, how to Explain Six Sigma by Using the Profit Triangle?

Change as a strategic tool to improvement

Ongoing changes are an everlasting state for most organizations. The outside pressures like increasing economical demands, customer needs, global competition and technical developments force companies to either adapt or react by continuously developing their own activities. Because there is no place to hide.

Storm your brain

By remembering a few basic rules of brainstorming, you can improve your idea generating sessions significantly. Even a seemingly foolish idea can develop into a great innovation! When Pacific Power and Light Electric Company was dealing with a problem concerning accumulated ice on the power lines, they even considered using trained bears.

Get rid of waste in processes

LSS Yellow Belt training is for everybody who wants to do their work more effectively, quicker and easier. At the cardosurgical unit at Standford Hospital and Clinics were six different instrumentation tables for each type of case, one for each surgeon. The waste was reduced with the LSS approach.

Rapid Results: Reducing Risk in a VUCA World

Today, organizations are challenged to break free of the constraints of what they “know for sure” – rules, disciplines, assumptions and repeatable processes. Even if these certainties are valid for a moment in time, the world changes so quickly that they are soon overturned or overtaken by a new reality.


On 23rd of August 2017, in Prague, we introduce to you 4 case studies of successful manufacturing and service projects. This one day workshop will provide a unique opportunity to meet people, who apply practice with knowledge gain in LSS Green Belt training and LEAN EXPERT program.

Singularity University

Thousand years ago the only people that could change a nation or a region of the world were kings, a hundred years ago it was the industrials. Today anyone passionate enough can take on one of the world’s grand challenges and by leveraging exponential technologies can solve them.

Living Strategy in VUCA-World

Strategy nowadays must more than ever before enable organizations to deal with uncertainty and rapid changes. Globalization and digitalization are on everyone's lips. The changes and challenges they entail are, in many organizations, not merely discussion topics anymore, but often very present in the daily business. Time to ask: What does strategy mean in these times – and, moreover, what is a good strategy?

TRIZ – Tools for Creativity and Clever Solutions

TRIZ is a unique method which guides engineers to understand and solve their problems by accessing scientific knowledge. TRIZ helps us find relevant and practical answers to our real problems.