Space Transforms Behavior

Open meeting zones, showrooms for employees or flexible workspaces are just a few examples of thoughtful elements of innovative office spaces. Because space is not just space – our environment significantly influences our thinking and acting and for that reason, innovative furnishing concepts are becoming more and more important.

Financial planning of the project

If we are going to implement a new project, it is crucial to estimate thefinancial streams. Errors in the "planning phase" could eventually cause implementation of a project that is not profitable from its beginning.

Innovation Marathon

On Friday 12.10. the Innovation marathon took place in the Science and Technology Park in Pilsen. The event was organized in cooperation of ICG and BIC Plzeň. The atmosphere of the event and the process stages through which the students proceeded can be seen in this photo report.

Meeting Edward Tse

We met Edward in the INNOSPACE of Shenzhen to get his insights on Entrepreneurship in China. Ed discussed with us, how the recent generation of disruptors transformed China’s economy from a closed, state run system to a major power in the global economy.

Doing business in Shenzhen

If China is about to turn the world upside down, Shenzhen is the epicenter. There are three major factors why doing business in Shenzhen makes you a part of today’s digital revolution.

Visiting Vanke

We had the opportunity to visit Vankes headquarters in Dameisha Shenzhen. Vanke is a large residential real estate developer in China with activities ranging from building houses and railroads to ski-centers and providing real estate services and e-commerce platforms.

China has a mission

China has a future mission to be the leading country in economics and science in the world. For the growth and development strategy, the trillion dollar belt and road initiative is already in the process of being implemented. The activities of China can be seen on different continents and in different countries.

The 7th Affiliated Hospital

The 7th Affiliated Hospital in Shenzhen is only a three months ago opened hospital with high goals. Its specialty is digestive disorders. The goal is to reach China’s 400 best hospitals by 2025 and become the largest hospital on the south coast.

Visiting BGI Ltd.

The China National Gene Bank CNGB with the Spin-off BGI Ltd. is one of 10 key infrastructure projects for the development of China to become one of the core centers of our world.

Visiting Green Apple Health

China doesn’t know the general practitioner as we do in Europe. People go straight to the hospital if they are sick. Long waiting lines, little attention per patient from the doctor (3 minutes each) can be the result. Green Apple Health is focussing on the interaction between the patient and doctors.


During our study trip across China we had a chance to visit the premises of a community and space service provider called Innospace+ in two locations in Shanghai and Shenzhen.

Agility in China

Agility has been THE topic for our customers in Western Countries for the last 2-3 years now. In our learning journey, we wanted to dive deeper into the topic of agility in China: How is agility perceived in China?

Songjiang District Administrative Services

Songjiang is one of the 16 districts in Shanghai, having 1.5 m inhabitants. Its administrative services bureau is known within China for its innovative services. A good reason for a visit!