Why choose Lean Six Sigma training from ICG?

Školitelé ICG-Capability pro Lean Six SigmaExperienced trainers will focus their time on you – over the last 24 months, we have implemented over 85 Lean Six Sigma training courses.

We have a team of professional people – every consultant has strong professional competencies, but also corresponding empathy and communication skills.


Konzultanti ICGWe mediate the experience of projects from 50 consultants from across Europe.

We are a consulting company operating in 12 European countries with more than 35 years of experience. Lean and Six Sigma represent our key activities, and together we have created a training concept which is targeted at maximum impact for the client.


Školení přizpůsobujeme na míru klientoviWe adapt to your needs, and we design the training together.

We always adapt our closed company training courses to the client. The scope, case studies and tools are chosen according to the client´s industry and client´s needs.



Zaměřujeme se na přijetí změnyWe focus on accepting and grasping methods within your company.

In our training courses, we bring together the approaches of Lean, Six Sigma and Change Management. In our work, we effectively combine expert project knowledge with soft techniques to work with people.


Naše školení Lean Six Sigma jsou maximálně efektivníWe give you knowledge in the most effective form

We offer a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt – 6-day intensive training programme and an add-on Black Belt 13-day intensive programme during which we introduce participants to the most important tools in process improvement in a maximally effective form, enhanced by coaching. We offer the one-day Yellow Belt training course for gaining entry to the world of process improvement.


Simulace Tractormotive - pomůcka pro trénink technik LEAN, SIX SIGMA, DMAIC, PFMEAYou will try out the tool on simulations we ourselves have designed

Some tools are applied to real business environment of the client (especially in the Define phase, where we focus on identifying opportunities).For more complex DMAIC tools and analysis or process improvements we use professional simulations. We own a total of 4 robust simulations, of which 2 were developed directly by ICG.


Při školeních využíváme licence statistického software Minitab a SigmaXLYou will learn to undertake analyses using statistics software

In the Analyze phase (in DMAIC) we put emphasis on practicing statistical part using practical case studies and their data analysis in statistical software. Our company owns licensed data from over 150 projects. We always choose right case studies relevant to the field of the client. Furthermore, we often use data of the client and participants can practice analyses on real, own data.


Ze školení Lean Six Sigma si účastníci odnesou celobarevné tištěné materiály.You will take away professional full-colour training materials

Materials include a complete guide to the DMAIC cycle, photos of tools from real projects, workshops, Insights – statistics, benchmarks from books (tools, introduction of LSS into the organization). For the analysis phase and for working with Minitab software and Sigma XL, the materials include detailed instructions. You will also receive complete templates which make work on your project significantly simpler.


Praktický aspekt školení Lean Six Sigma - vlastní projekt.You put your knowledge into practice by implementing your own project.

Training is considered as the most effective if the participant chooses areas or processes to be optimized beforehand. However, if Green Belts don´t have their projects selected before the training, we will train them how to identify the best opportunities and choose projects together.


Certifikační proces je zahrnut v ceně kurzů Lean Six Sigma Green Belt a Black Belt.

You have the opportunity to get an internationally recognised certificate

ICG co-ordinates Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certifications according to international standards. In order to obtain the certification, it is necessary to complete the training course and implement a process improvement project utilising DMAIC which achieves a real process improvement. Certification takes place a number of times per year. The certification process and defence of it is included in the price of the course.


Lean Six Sigma koučinkWe support your development through coaching.

Over the course of your training, in between modules, and also after training is complete, participants can contact our coaches either by phone or email, and deal with individual questions, both on the Lean Six Sigma method, and on the practical side of project management. Coaching by telephone and email is included in the price of our training courses.


Garance kvality na školení Lean Six Sigma od ICGYour satisfaction is the key criteria for training success

We offer Quality Guarantee for all our trainings which means 25% refund of the invoiced fee in case of subjective dissatisfaction of the client.