Lean Expert

Lean Expert is a training programme certified by the ICG Group. You’ll find here complete comprehensive knowledge of Lean techniques for streamlining production processes. We’ll teach you to apply Lean effectively in details, process relations and in your business strategy. We’ll find or boost your motivation for your own Lean implementation. You will use your head, hands and heart. We’ll teach you the theory, we’ll capture your attention with examples from our own specialist consultation work, and we’ll involve you in learning workshops in host factories.


Total length 70 hrs 30 hours hours practical workshops in host factories 40 hours hours on-line learning with no travel costs

We combine sophisticated on-line teaching of theory and immediate linked workshops in host factories in the Czech Republic (Slovakia). Over the course of the programme, we’ll always be working in three different businesses with various degrees of Lean application across industrial sectors and production specialisations.

1. Lean Value Stream Expert

  • LEAN principles
  • value analysis
  • VSM, VSD

2. Lean Flow Expert

  • SMED,
  • PPS, TPM,
  • barriers to smooth streaming

3. Lean Pull Expert

  • Kanban, Milk Run, JIS, JIT,
  • ergonomics at the workplace,
  • Lean in internal logistics

Lean Expert Certification

The certificate is conditioned by completing three courses in full (12 days) and implementing 3 Kaizen Event workshops in your process. In the final defense, you will present the ability of a trained Lean Expert to implement the techniques in your own company. The workshops are thematically assigned as follows:

  1. Compilation of VSM / VSD and balance study of the process
  2. SMED or TPM or Standardisation at 1 workplace/machine
  3. JIS or Kanban or Milk Run or Ergonomics at 1 workplace/process


  • 1 participant: 30 000 CZK + VAT
  • 2 particpants from the same company: 28 000 CZK + VAT / participant
  • 3 particpants from the same company: 26 000 CZK + VAT / participant

A reduced price compared to the sum of the individual prices of 3 x CZK 12,000 + VAT. The prices do not include shipping costs and accommodation at the place of training. Trainings can always be taken individually or as a whole.

Why should you attend the LEAN EXPERT training?

  • On-line training with an experienced consultant followed by practice directly on-site
  • Expertise, transparency and easy applicability of the techniques trained
  • Possibility of consultations with experts from other companies
  • Comprehensive methodology of a LEAN EXPERT training for managers, technicians and Lean specialists
  • Certification after passing the LEAN EXPERT program

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