Process Audit

We will help to diagnose and identify the process areas in the organization which contain the greatest potential for improvement in terms of costs, time or customer quality.

We will map the process, analyse date and define set of opportunities with the biggest potential to cost savings.

The Process Audit will help the organization with the identification of process areas which contain the greatest potential for improvement in terms of costs, time or customer quality. The Audit is performed from the perspective of the process flow, or from the viewpoint of productivity and efficiency of the people.

We particularly select from tools

We start the process audit by creating an overview of key processes in a company (process model), which we then effectively put apart into 2 levels of detail. Process Model gives us an idea about all key processes in a company and also helps us to manage the processes (set process management, look for opportunities in processes). In chosen processes, we look for opportunities using measuring and workshops with people. We combine these approaches according to given task:

  1. The process analysis/ VSM
  2. The analysis of the process KPIs
  3. The analysis of people’s productivity
  4. The analysis of customer demand (variability of inputs)
  5. The analysis of the workplace layout

We prioritize the obtained areas, or more precisely opportunities, and thus create a list of projects with the largest potential for improvement and cost savings. Implementation of suggested solutions is not part of a process audit (however, we prepare project plan that shows probable difficulties and benefits).

Process audit usually takes 3 to 8 weeks, depending on size of a company, or process area.

Typical outputs:

  • The analysis of the current performance of processes. Comparison of processes among themselves and benchmarking of others.
  • An overview of the key processes and their structure in the organization.
  • Creation of a list of projects, and thus opportunities for optimization, or more precisely re-design.
  • The transfer of know-how on performing regular process audits in the organization.

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