Productivity & quality increase

We execute changes in processes to reduce time, costs and increase quality to customers. We use Lean Six Sigma methodology and for more complex tasks we created methodology of nodal VSM-NODUS.

Process Audit

We will help to diagnose and identify the process areas in the organization which contain the greatest potential for improvement in terms of costs, time or customer quality.

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Optimization Projects

We perform improvement projects focused on selected processes using the DMAIC methodology. Within a few weeks of cooperation with your team, we provide a set of measures to improve the output of processes in terms of time, costs or quality.

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Lean Six Sigma consultations

ICG offers regular consultancy for project leaders with the objective of supporting project delivery in a dedicated scope and time while achieving the highest possible benefits.

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Kaizen workshops will help you how to find opportunities, plan and execute improvement workshops with clear results right in your process. Everything we do together with your employees during real assignments, in a real production environment or in an administrative process.

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A unique program with a new Lean / Six Sigma tool for a group of manufacturing companies. The companies learn together and simultaneously implement projects in their plants using a new technique – nodal value stream mapping (NOD<>VSM).

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