Accelerating success in Silicon Valley

Felix Krause about his way to Silicon Valley

37 % of the people in Silicon Valley are born in foreign countries. One of them is the 21-year old Felix Krause from a little village in Lower Austria, who has just sold his company “Fastlane” to Twitter and is now working for them.

Take the fastlane

Felix Krause is the founder of fastlane, an open source tool for iOS and Android developers focused on making building and releasing apps easier. Just the last year, fastlane has saved 4,000,000 developer hours and is used by thousands of companies around the world. Felix start-up was acquired by Twitter, where he now works full-time on in San Francisco. The Austrian news website wrote about Felix: ….Krause graduated at an Higher Technical College in Lower Austria and went to University of Central Lancashire in Preston, England, where he studied software engineering. Whilst studying he worked for a software company and noticed “…that there was a huge problem with publishing iPhone apps”. Many things have to be done manually for the publishing process and he thought “I want to write a code that makes this super easy and very fast.” His software reduced the whole process to a single click and everything would be done within minutes. About a year ago Felix started and published the first version of his software after three months. He earned money with companies that had special demands concerning the software and needed tailored solutions.

European accelerators

Only 2 % of the U.S. population lives in the Silicon Valley but they create 12,5% of all patents in the U.S. Does this happen by chance or by extremely talented guys like Felix? There´s some support from good old Europe too: Mainly state financed organizations help European start-ups to get into the U.S. market. The German Accelerator hosts two dozen German start-ups every year that come to Silicon Valley for a three months period to learn about Silicon Valley mindset and practices, open business. They generally accelerate growth, development and knowledge of these start-ups. Friedrich Sulk is head of operations for the German Accelerator in Silicon Valley. “We are trying to connect the best of both worlds, the U.S. und Germany. In the U.S. the focus is on sales and marketing. They listen to the customer and go to market although their product is not 100 % finished.“

rtemagicc_best_of_both_worlds_jpgAustria, among many others, is represented here as well, at the moment with Advantage Austria. An Austrian accelerator program will start within the next days, says Georg Fürlinger from Advantage Austria. To find the next Felix Krause.

Authors: Andreas Poelzl and Thomas Mandl



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