Our Team

Consulting is our passion. Our professional team is ready to remove barriers, to develop an attractive future, which is motivating and leading people to sustainable success.

Partner of ICG-Capability providing consultancy and trainings in area of process improvement, change management and innovation. Milan’s primary focus is on deployment of „Process Excellence“ approach into organization and leading cross functional Lean Six Sigma projects.

Partner of ICG-Capability focusing on consulting and training activities in area of process improvement, innovations and project management. In these areas, Libor focuses on effective teamwork and achieving concrete results of the projects.

ICG-Capability consultant in area of product or service innovation and innovation system deployment. Ján is also well-known for his ability to reduce direct cost for product / service by unique methodology Design for Costs.

ICG-Capability consultant and trainer with rich experience in manufacturing companies, using methods and tools for process improvement. Richard focuses on Lean tools, practical realization of projects and trainings to support the path of change.

Senior consultant ICG-Capability with a focus on process, program and change management, motivating people and leadership.

ICG consultant of ICG-Capability with experience from manufacturing and services industry. His enhanced skills will help you with the business process improvement and leading of Lean Six Sigma projects in combination of “hard” and “soft” skills.

Consultant ICG-Capability with a focus on manufacturing process improvement and business process improvement projects. He is training and consulting in fields of Problem Solving, VSM, SMED, TPM, 5S, Shopfloor management and Lean workshops.

ICG-Capability consultant and lecturer, focusing on process improvement projects, especially in finance.

Consultant at ICG-Capability with a focus at Business Process Improvement, Innovation, Project management, Lean, Change Management, Business Analysis and Strategy.

Consultant of ICG-Capability with a focus on process improvements with rich experience in expecially financial sector and energetics. The focal points of his consultings and trainings are on Business Process Management, Change Management, Process Audit, Risk Management, Internal Audits and Management.

Consultant of ICG-Capability oriented on pruduct and service innovation, innovation culture and employee motivation

Senior Consultant of ICG-Capability with 15 years of experience in the field of business process improvement, mainly in IT services, customer support and financial services. Lean Six Sigma Black Belt.

ICG consultant with 10 years of experience in adjusting and training soft skills in the corporate, business and social spheres. Lecturer, certified coach, supervisor and trainer, therapist.

Senior Consultant in ICG-Capability.  More than 15 years of experience in process improvement and Operational Excellence implementation in manufacturing companies. Lean Six Sigma and Lean Management expert in production (Trainer, Facilitator and Coach).

ICG Consultant; Projects leader; 10 years experience in Project management, data analysis, process optimization and simulation, decision support, energy management and innovation implementation.