“I need to change the corporate culture and I think the introduction of Lean philosophy is the right way”. That was my assignment 5 years ago when I was selecting a consultant at Lean. The only company that came up with an interesting offer (and understood our needs at all) was ICG. Since then, ICG has been accompanying me in the Lean transformations I am launching. Most appreciate the approach of ICG consultants, which always takes us one step (or two) further, we always get the support we need, we learn mainly by implementing projects together, Kaizen events, Kaizen Weeky. The ICG is constantly helping us push the boundaries of what we think can be implemented. For example, we have implemented Just In Sequence production planning within a week. As a result, lead time has been reduced to many hours instead of days (weeks) and the planning process has been standardized. It is just one example of how much ICG has helped us and helps to increase efficiency, leadtime, free up production space for further production and, above all, increase the engagement of our employees. Without ICG, our Lean transformation would not have been so successful.