Philip Morris_LSSGB_manu

When working in PMČR I encountered various methods and approaches to process optimization. So I have decided to sign up for Green Belt training of ICG-Capability in order to gain theoretical basis to procedures used in practice. I was expecting a dry theory, focused mainly on the calculations and definitions from the training. However, the training surprised me in a pleasant way. Both instructors, M. Gazdík and L. Čadek, presented the methods and calculations of Lean and Six Sigma in very friendly and acceptable way, while the theoretical part was very well balanced by practical examples. As a part of the training, there was a demonstration game during which we could practice the learned theory on very simple practical example, and which subsequently led us to a specified goal, optimized process. A large number of examples enabled us to remember and practice everything well, so the final test was not a problem for me. I recommend the Green Belt training at ICG-Capability company to all who want to get acquainted with Lean Sig Sigma methodology in detail. The great advantage of this training model are free consultations on the first project, which can be chosen freely by participant and on the basis of which he is certified.